On Travel and Routines

I’ve just returned from my annual summer trip, feeling refreshed and excited to come back to the warmth and love of the studio space. This year, I brought back 10 new friends. Yep, and each one was a delight to gain!

Luckily, I know exactly what to do to send those friends packing….and it’s not Pilates. Losing weight is mainly about what you eat. Muscle tone cannot be present with a layer of fat over it. ABS are the ABSence of fat, as my friend Andrea aptly put it.

But speaking of Pilates….it sure made my trip better. It was a very physical vacation, with lots of walking/hiking (5-12 miles each day), lifting (pints of beer and trays of whiskey samples), and contortions (bending, squatting, and leaning to get the best photo angles). Did I do any Pilates while on my trip? Not really….and that’s ok! I used the principles in every movement throughout the day. My daily practice at home primes me for all of life’s adventures!

Now it’s time to get back in the swing and seeing things with fresh eyes is super exciting. Who knows what I will come up with for my students? I know they are waiting with bated breath!

Tricia Whitlock