On Pain

I’m a big fan of Stop Chasing Pain and Dr. Perry’s musings on www.stopchasingpain.com.

My own journey with physical pain began as a child, with exercise induced asthma and severe allergies. I remember the fear associated with the inability to get enough air, and the muscular pain that followed an attack. On severe allergy days, the pounding in my head dominated everything, and the rawness in my throat/eyes/nasal passages from coughing and sneezing repeatedly was debilitating. My mom tried everything from allergy shots to different medications, but nothing provided lasting relief. The next attack was always lurking around the corner.

As a result, I shied away from physical fitness. I burrowed away in the dark, cool confines of my room and read books, listened to music, and amused myself with a never-ending flow of pets.

As an adult, I discovered that diet had a huge effect on allergies and asthma. I experimented with my diet, and was able to nearly eliminate these pesky conditions. Today, it is rare that I suffer, and when it happens, it is usually because of a dietary choice (and yes I do make “poor” choices sometimes!).

In my late teens, I began to have a persistent ache which would turn into horrible pain under my armpit and down the right side of my body to the bottom of my ribcage. The pain attacked me at night, on airplanes, and when I would sit for long periods of time. Typing always aggravated it. It consumed my attention and over the years, I began to fear it like one would fear a foreign invader, knowing that it had control and could strike whenever it wanted, leaving me powerless in its relentless, twisting grasp. 

I thought back to the time when it started and shook my head at myself for the poor posture (leaning on my right side, crunched up on the couch for hours watching TV) that had caused the pain. Tears welled in my eyes. Why wouldn’t it go away? I had stopped the behavior years ago but the pain clung to me like a scratchy, dirty wool coat; heavy and dark, weighing me down and keeping me small. 

After over 20 years of this discomfort, sometimes bordering on agony, I stumbled upon the Rossiter Stretching technique. I was super intrigued by the possibility to break free from the pain without drugs or surgery. My Rossiter Coach connected me with a particular stretch, and after performing it the first time, I felt the pain MOVE. At first I didn’t understand what had happened, but after 4 sessions that incorporated this particular stretch, the pain moved completely out of my body! I felt it leave like an unhealthy friend who keeps reaching back out, reluctant to part ways. Having it gone from my body felt so unfamiliar. Who was I without this pain that I had lived with for over 20 years? Would it stay away? I had to know more about this incredible technique so that I could bring it to others! 

So continues my journey with pain. I know what it feels like to know nothing more than the pain. And now I know how to help YOU get free from it. I am a Level 3 Rossiter Coach and can free you from pain due to plantar fasciitis, lower back, knee, hip, ankle, wrist, neck, and so much more! Typically 4-6 sessions will put you in a brand new place. Call or text me at 817-590-8485 to break free from your prison of pain!



Tricia Whitlock