Pilates Services


Private Sessions

Private instruction utilizing all of the Pilates apparatus is the most effective way to achieve results in your body. If you are new to Pilates or have an injury, private lessons are essential to learning the method correctly.  You’ll get complete one-on-one attention from your instructor as you learn at your own pace.

We require a minimum of 3 private sessions if you are brand new to Soul Body Works. (Experienced students must book an introductory private prior to attending group classes.) Even if you have done Pilates before, you may not have used classical apparatus (equipment) like ours. Private sessions will build a solid foundation—keeping you safe and ensuring the greatest results.

Schedule your $59 Intro Private Session below.

After your introductory private sessions, how you continue your Pilates training is really up to you.  Some students take just private or semi-private sessions, many take advantage of Open Studio time, some take just classes, and many do all three.  We suggest trying them all so you can find out what you enjoy most!


Small Group (2-6 students)

A small group environment provides a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for you to learn more about your body and grow in your Pilates practice with hands-on attention. Group training is intended for healthy, fit bodies (not the place to work through an injury). Enjoy the reformer, tower, mat, and chair in small group.

We really hesitate to call it a “class” because we refuse to compromise quality for large class numbers. Since all participants have had prior Pilates training, the group keeps up a steady pace and flow, with more hands-on interaction.





Specials offered quarterly

Mat Classes (small props) available from $15/class


Open Studio

“Open studio” is the best way to gain confidence and have true growth in your practice. It is the original Joseph Pilates studio design—with a modern twist. Students practice their own customized routine, independently, and with the help of a video and headphones for guidance if desired.

Open Studio allows you to practice at times that are convenient for you. It’s perfect for those with hectic schedules! Running late? Stuck in traffic? No problem.


By Session: As low as $13 per session

Monthly Pass: currently sold out - waitlist available

Pre-approval and a minimum of 10 private sessions required. Click below for open studio hours.