Experience matters. At Soul Body Works, we take our Pilates education seriously. Each of our instructors has thousands of hours of training, observation, continuing education, and one-on-one teaching hours. We can each trace our training roots back to Joseph Pilates original studio in NYC.

Meet our skilled team.


Tricia Whitlock, owner

PMA®-CPT , Certified Classical Pilates Teacher
Rossiter Level II coach

Tricia left corporate America in 2012 after a life-changing event, and began searching for a career with purpose and meaning. A voracious learner, creator, and innovator, she decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and took over Soul Body Works Pilates Studio in 2014. Tricia completed her comprehensive certification with the Pilates Studio of Los Angeles and more recently the Classical Method with Mary Peacock, Romana’s Pilates certified instructor. Tricia's philosophy is that exercise should be fun and rewarding, daily life should be pain-free and full of joyful movement.


Shirley Koerner

Romana's Pilates Certified Teacher

Shirley has been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years. She began her Pilates journey in 1999 while operating a yoga studio. She began Pilates as a way to overcome a debilitating illness. She believes Pilates is the best, well-rounded, most intelligent exercise that truly integrates both mind and body. Shirley looks ever forward to the future of Pilates, the never-ending opportunities for more education, and ultimately, to share her story, education, and sincere passion for Pilates with you.


Leah Williams

Certified Classical Pilates Teacher
Dance Teacher

Leah teaches a variety of dance styles at Innovative Dance Inc. and Studio of MoveMINT, where she uses her Pilates knowledge to enhance students understanding of their bodies. She is also the lead soloist for the local, professional dance company imPULSE dance project, led by Anastasia Waters. Leah is a calm, out-of-the-box innovator who greatly cares for all her clients and always seeks to make their learning experience more insightful, delightful, and meaningful.


Emily Sheppard

Classical Pilates Method with Sonje Mayo
1000+ hours of education

Emily has been practicing Pilates since 2004 and teaching full time since 2012. She studied under the Internationally acclaimed Master Instructor, Sonje Mayo, who learned from Joseph Pilates himself. She says: “Pilates is my absolute passion. When you work with me, my love and faith in Pilates is evident - my excitement overflows to my clients. Pilates is for everyone. In my own body it has facilitated my recovery from extensive knee surgery and provides relief for me daily from my scoliosis. Pilates is for life - it is the gift of strength and flexibility.”