Experience matters. At Soul Body Works, we take our Pilates education seriously. Each of our instructors has thousands of hours of training, observation, continuing education, and one-on-one teaching hours. We can each trace our training roots back to Joseph Pilates original studio in NYC.

Meet our skilled team.


Tricia Whitlock, owner

PMA®-CPT , Certified Classical Pilates Teacher
Rossiter Level II coach

I’m Tricia Whitlock and this is my studio. It is my happy, peaceful place and I love sharing it with students who are interested in learning about their body and how it moves!

I use the Pilates method of exercise as my primary tool, along with other movement tools I have gathered over my years as a fitness instructor ( I began my teaching journey in 2011).

I prefer curiosity over competition, authenticity over trends, and vulnerability over shame. My goal is to meet you exactly where you are....and walk with you on a journey of body/mind discovery.


Emily Sheppard

Classical Pilates Method with Sonje Mayo
1000+ hours of education

I’m Emily and I’ve been practicing Pilates since 2004 and teaching full time since 2012. I studied under the Internationally acclaimed Master Instructor, Sonje Mayo, who learned from Joseph Pilates himself. Pilates is my absolute passion. When you work with me, my love and faith in Pilates is evident - my excitement overflows to my clients. Pilates is for everyone. In my own body it has facilitated my recovery from extensive knee surgery and provides relief for me daily from my scoliosis. Pilates is for life - it is the gift of strength and flexibility.