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Your friend does Pilates—and loves it—so you start calling around for membership pricing.  Whoa, slow down…

There’s much more to know about Pilates than a group setting can offer.

Pilates is designed to be tailored to the individual.  It is simply not possible for a large group class to meet the needs of each person.  Today, Pilates has been commercialized and watered down to something that barely resembles actual Pilates.  We think that’s tragic!

When you skip over the private lessons and head to group classes, you’re missing out on something really special. You risk injury. You lose out on the variety and sheer depth of what Pilates has to offer! At Soul Body Works, we aim to change that.

Our focus on the individual is the Soul Body Works difference.

Pilates is not simply a workout, it is an honest-to-goodness transformation of the body, mind and soul. 

We bring you an authentic style of Pilates that would make Joe proud.  Focused.  Personal. Real.  Profound changes happen from the inside out.  That’s why our students are encouraged to be progressively more independent and self-reliant.

Click below to get started.  We can’t wait to introduce you to Pilates for the very first time.



1550 Norwood Dr. #209
Hurst, TX 76054 usa


Open By Appointment
Weekdays & Weekends

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  • Reformer

  • Tower of Power

  • Cadillac/Trap table

  • Arm Chair

  • Wunda Chair

  • Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector

  • Magic Circle

  • Pedi-Pole

  • Foot Corrector

  • Toe Corrector